Move 36 - Eduardo Kac,Elena-Giulia Rossi

Move 36 - Eduardo Kac,Elena-Giulia Rossi

Move 36 - Eduardo Kac,Elena-Giulia Rossi

Eduardo Kac is an internationally renowned artist who has received critical acclaim for net and bio works including Genesis, GFP Bunny, and Move 36. His work has been widely exhibited and is in the permanent collections of the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the Museum of Modern Art in Rio de Janeiro, among others.

Kac, Eduardo/ Elkins, James (FRW) ... Since that time, Kac has increasingly moved into the fields of biology and biotechnology. Telepresence and Bio Art is the first book to document the evolution of bio art and the aesthetic development of Kac, the creator of the "artist's gene" as well as the controversial glow-in-the-dark, genetically engineered rabbit Alba. Kac covers a broad …

「ムーヴ 36」は,字義通りにはチェスの用語で第三十六手目を指すが,ここではそれは,一九九七年に,チェスの世界的名手ガリル・カスパロフが,「ディープ・ブルー」と呼ばれるコンピュータと対戦した際に,カスパロフによれば,決定的な一手となった第三十六手目を示唆してい …

インターネットと遺伝子工学を持ちいて芸術を創造しているEduardo Kac氏。それだけ聞けば、「マッドサイエンティスト?」と思ってしまう。詳しくは、以下の記事を読んでもらいたい。 【WIRED News】 遺伝子操作は自宅でもできる? 意外に簡単な「DNA合成」 彼の最新作である「MOVE 36」。その発想 ...

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Richard Rossi and his 4 year old great ... and Thara Uddin in the Queens borough of New York City, August 15, 2016. REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz . Close. 29 / 36…

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