World Press Photo 2003 - World Press Photo

World Press Photo 2003 - World Press Photo

World Press Photo 2003 - World Press Photo

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2003 Photo Contest, World Press Photo of the Year. Photographer Eric Grigorian. Polaris Images. 22 June, 2002. Qazvin, Iran. A boy holds his dead father's trousers as he squats beside the spot where his father is to be buried, surrounded by soldiers and villagers digging graves for victims of an earthquake. The Changureh or Avaj earthquake, measuring 6.0 on the Richter scale, struck on 22 June ...

 · 2003 Photo Contest, Portraits, Stories, 1st prize. Photographer George Georgiou. Panos Pictures . 01 March, 2002. Three years after the cease-fire in Serbia, the people in the region still suffer economic hardship and await further international aid. A perception that they have been betrayed by the West is growing, leading to a sense of isolation. Disillusionment that democracy is not ...

We are pleased to introduce the professionals from all around the world who will select and award the best visual journalism of 2020. Entries for the 2021 Photo Contest and 2021 Digital Storytelling Contest close on 13 January 2020. After that, the 2021 Photo Contest jury, chaired by NayanTara Gurung Kakshapati and the 2021 Digital Storytelling Contest jury, chaired by Muyi Xiao, will convene ...

2003 Photo Contest, Sports, Stories, 2nd prize. Photographer Robert Boguslawski & Tomasz Gudzowaty. TGP / Focus for PKN Orlen. 01 January, 2002. July 14 - August 5. Monks of the Shaolin temple now teach their particular form of Kung Fu ('wushu', or war art) in schools, and a large martial arts academy has opened beside their temple in response to growing public interest in the tradition. Since ...

See the complete collection of prize-winning photos and stories . 2020 Photo Contest Rewarding the best pictures contributing to the past year of visual journalism. 2020 Digital Storytelling Contest Discover the best forms of visual journalism enabled by changes in digital technologies. Archive 1955 - 2020 View all the winners of the annual photo contest from 1955 to the present and all the ...

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World Press Photo Story of the Year. Romain Laurendeau. Nominees for World Press Photo Story of the Year. Story of the Year Nominee. Mulugeta Ayene. Story of the Year Nominee. Nicolas Asfouri. Story of the Year Nominee. Mulugeta Ayene. Story of the Year Nominee. Nicolas Asfouri. Contemporary Issues. Singles, 1st Prize. Nikita Teryoshin . Singles, 2nd Prize. Sean Davey. Singles, 3rd Prize. Mark ...

World Press Photo Exhibition, the acclaimed global press photography exhibit, has confirmed it will return to Downtown Phoenix after more than a 25-year absence. Open daily to the public from Jan. 17 through Feb. 8, 2020

This year presents a first for the World Press Photo Foundation. Every year we look forward to welcoming industry professionals from all over the world to Amsterdam to judge the best of visual storytelling. Due to the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic, judging will take place online and jury chairs will be joined digitally by a team of experts from around the world to decide on the best ...

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